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  1. Your Top 70's band
  2. Top Rolling Stones Album
  3. The Yes Thread
  4. Favorite prog band?
  5. 70s rock in comertials
  6. Fillmore: The Last Days
  7. Cactus
  8. 7"
  9. Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
  10. New Foghat DVD coming Feb.8
  11. Kiss
  12. The Raspberries Reunite
  13. Your top ten albums from the 70's
  14. Best Live Bands/Artists of the 70s
  15. The Wall vs Dark Side of the Moon
  16. Animal vs Wish You Were Here
  17. Who is the best Pink Floyd singer?
  18. Can
  19. Nektar
  20. Battle of the Bands-Rush vs Black Sabbath
  21. Top 5 David Bowie Albums
  22. Nazareth
  23. The Best Album Art/Covers
  24. The Allman Brothers Band Vs Lynyrd Skynyrd
  25. The Grateful Dead
  26. Favorite Canadian Band
  27. Best Live Bands/Artists of the 70s part 2
  28. Underrated Bands
  29. What is the best bassist from the seventies
  30. Best Drummer of the seventies
  31. Blue Oyster cult
  32. Crime of the Century vs Breakfast In America
  33. Axe
  34. A Question of Balance
  35. What is your favorite album from 1970?
  36. spooky tooth
  37. What is your favorite album from 1971?
  38. Does anyone not like zeppelin?
  39. What Are Your Top Ten Songs From The 70s?
  40. What is your favorite album from 1972?
  41. Fleetwood Mac the tween years
  42. Elton John
  43. Focus: Hocus Pocus
  44. back up singers in pink floyd
  45. Rate these bands out of 10: only based on their early years
  46. Jimi Hendrix...
  47. How old are they now?
  48. whos better?
  49. Led Zep - Led it go!!!!!!!!!
  50. YES questionsssssssss
  51. BEST transition from song to song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  52. Stooges vs. UK "punk"
  53. Best Thin Lizzy album!!!!!!!!!!!
  54. Pink Floyd and The Wizard of Oz Q and A
  55. Rate pink floyds first albums...
  56. BATTLE: Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd
  57. Poll: Best Glam Rockers of the 70s
  58. ZZ Top
  59. BATTLE: Led Zeppelin IV vs. Dark Side of the Moon
  60. How is Camel?
  61. The Doors vs. The Who
  62. Black Sabbath vs. Taco
  63. Chicago
  64. Can
  65. Van Halen's first record: Thoughts?
  66. What is Your Favorite Album From 1973?
  67. BATTLE: Led Zep I vs. Yanni's Keys to Imagination
  68. Bowie: David Live + Stage
  69. Jethro Tull vs. canned cling peaches
  70. Saturday Night Fever dancefloor up for auction
  71. J. Geils Band
  72. Pere Ubu
  73. Listening to Future Games, being blown away and questioning music.
  74. does anyone else here find THE MOODY BLUES to be like the greatest band ever, or one
  75. Tir Na Nog
  76. Captain Beyond vs. Armageddon
  77. Brainticket
  78. Dave Mason
  79. Head East
  80. Mother's Finest
  81. best one
  82. American Rock
  83. Fresh Maggots
  84. Clear Spirit?? Spirit made this right??
  85. What is Your Favorite Album From 1974?
  86. Free
  87. Let's Talk About Tom Petty
  88. Best song on Atom Heart Mother (Floyd)?
  89. Led Zeppelin vs Pink Floyd
  90. listening to genesis, trespass
  91. rate meddle by pink floyd out of 10
  92. What is Your Favorite Album From 1975?
  93. BATTLE OF THE TITANS: Brick vs. Aqualung
  94. Tower of Power
  95. Time-Life AM Gold Collection
  96. Steve Miller Band
  97. live fottage of genesis with peter gabriel
  98. BATTLE: Genesis (Peter Gabriel) vs. The Moody Blues
  99. One day i hope we'll be...
  100. RedBone
  101. The Poppy Family
  102. British folk music
  103. BTO Vs The Guess Who
  104. Black JuJu vs Halo of Flies vs Unfinished Sweet
  105. Play that Flute
  106. Prom night 197......
  107. Obscure 70's pop records
  108. Best song on "The Cars"
  109. Best song on The Cars' "Candy-O"
  110. Starcastle
  111. BATTLE: The make-up show battle!
  112. Rush-Good or Bad?
  113. The Wall: Side One Vs Side Two
  114. Quiz: Which member of Yes are you?
  115. Caravan: I love the land of grey and pink...will i like these guys?
  116. Old Funk'n Grand
  117. Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
  118. What is Your Favorite Album From 1976?
  119. i love genesis will i like gabriels solo albums?
  120. The Outlaws reunite
  121. Where Does Queen rank???
  122. What happened in rock after Van Halen?
  123. Head East
  124. Does anybody around here remember Nantucket?
  125. What is your favorite album from 1977?
  126. Savoy Brown
  127. Did You Listen to Firesign Theater
  128. Best Genesis album of these
  129. What is your favorite album from 1978?
  130. Alice Cooper Group's Best Album
  131. Show of hands: who here hates Chicago?
  132. Favourite Album From the 70's
  133. i'M SEEING aLICE cOOPER!!!
  134. Rockin' 70s One Hit Wonders
  135. wtf
  136. What is Your Favorite Album From 1979?
  137. was david gilmour on the wall?
  138. in the DAYS of my youth I was told...
  139. War
  140. Foghat Guitarist, Rod Price Dies
  141. Steppenwolf (without John Kay)
  142. One Toke over the Line???
  143. Robin Trower........
  144. Top 5 BEST make-out/cuddle songs from the early, progressive 70's!
  145. Guilty Pleasures: cultish 70's rediscovered
  146. Rank the songs on "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie
  147. How many of you like Molly Hatchet?
  148. Riddle me this!!
  149. Stagnation is the best song ever written. Period.
  150. The Runaway's
  151. What are your top 5 Bob Seger songs?
  152. Can we make.
  153. Someone please take this into light.
  154. Best Prog Band ever
  155. Little Feat
  156. Your Favorite HUGE Album of the 70s
  157. Your Favorite Trower lp
  158. What was the deal with Leo Sayer?
  159. Gentle Giant...tought time getting into these guys
  160. Battle Of The Progs
  161. Any Three Dog Night fans here?
  162. Is Eminem in the same league as Mick Jagger & Jimi Hendrix as Elton John says?
  163. a YES compilation
  164. The Sex Pistols
  165. What are the twelve best rock songs of the 70's?
  166. Your High School Ride
  167. Why is Aerosmith still cool after over 30 years?
  168. The B-52's
  169. Alan Parsons Project
  170. Gilmour vs. Barrett
  171. Writing albums reviews for the school newspaper!
  172. Santana Readies New Album and Tour
  173. Bare trees, future games...wtf
  174. Ian Gillan
  175. Led Zeppelin Live
  176. Tell me where I'm going, Tell me why I'm bound...
  177. Zeppelin rules
  178. GENESIS (Peter Gabriel) vs. THE MOODY BLUES
  179. Al Green Rolls Out "OK"
  180. Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  181. Warpig
  182. Doesnt apply to music of the 70's...but it does apply to 70's lovers!
  183. Deep Purple : Top 10 Favorite Songs
  184. What will Eddie Van Halen do next?
  185. Seasons In The Sun
  186. What The World Needs Now.
  187. Playground In My Mind
  188. Help me out with "Exile on Main Street"
  189. One Tin Soldier
  190. Rare Bird
  191. Masterpiece or not?
  192. Bad Company : Top 10 Favorite Songs
  193. Captain Beyond
  194. Your Foreigner Top 10 ???
  195. Did You Streak??
  196. Guess what! Another KISS compilation on the way
  197. chick corea
  198. It's A Beautiful Day
  199. Black Sabbath
  200. Billy Joel's Greatest Hits as picked by CRF members
  201. Marty Balin v/s Mickey Thomas: Last dude standing- Who wins?
  202. ok want slow dance compilation recomendation!
  203. ABBA: "The Destroyer collection" - sneak peak at new release...
  204. Caravan: Grey and Pink
  205. first make-up show progers?
  206. The Carpet Crawlers
  207. Probability of a Lamb Lies Down on Broadway movie...
  208. Alice Cooper to play the White House.
  209. Be Bop Deluxe fans out there?
  210. Kiss Alive & Aerosmith Live Bootleg
  211. Doobie Brothers : Top 10 Favorite Songs
  212. Roxy Music return
  213. Foreigner Get a Makeover
  214. Ritchie Blackmore & Ronnie James Dio to reform Rainbow.
  215. 3 new Jethro Tull remasters!
  216. What your favorite "Bread" Songs
  217. Why Can't We Be Friends - War - keyboard miss at the intro
  218. "Come back!" i could hear a voice call...
  219. Steely Dan
  220. All Over The World: The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra
  221. Skunk Baxter - counterterrorism expert?
  222. 70's Summer Pop memories
  223. Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, others...
  224. Santana...Older / Newer
  225. Al Green
  226. Genesis (Peter Gabriel era) vs. Pearl Jam 2
  227. Genesis (Gabriel) vs. YES
  228. My classic Prog Rock 70's fans, i NEED MAJOR HELP!!!
  229. Saturday Night Special
  230. The Loco-Motion
  231. Bad Roller Les McKeown
  232. Black Sabbath to play Albert Hall.
  233. Learned something new today...
  234. Zappa's Signature Songs
  235. Wonder Becomes Dad Again
  236. Fave Capt. Beefheart Songs
  237. Sweet Home Alabama or Sweet Emotion
  238. School's Out or Ziggy Stardust
  239. Hard Luck Woman or Come Sail Away
  240. Frankenstein or Fire on High
  241. favorite album from 71?
  242. Nazrareth! Your pick of album
  243. Top 10 Live Classic Rock Acts
  244. Imaginery Lover or Spooky
  245. Little Feat.
  246. August 12, 1972 Cashbox Top 100 Singles
  247. Strange Magic or Telephone Line
  248. Favourite Abba song?
  249. Cat vs Dog
  250. Kansas...Question...