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  1. Most recent DVD purchases?
  2. Movie with the best soundtrack?
  3. Suggest a movie you think nobody has seen..
  4. Best Robert De Niro movie
  5. Rent
  6. Classic Leading Ladies
  7. Movie's you're looking forward to
  8. Across the Universe movie
  9. What is your favorite "sick & twisted" movie?
  10. Roy Scheider passes
  11. Guess the movie from the pictures
  12. There Will Be Blood/Daniel Day Lewis
  13. Into The Wild out on DVD today...
  14. Patrick Swayze dying?
  15. What movies have you bought this year?
  16. watch this movie if over 40
  17. Top 25 "I Did It For The Money" Movie Roles
  18. Need help finding a film title, plz
  19. Wolf Man remake - Photos
  20. What's your preferred theater snack?
  21. Shine A Light - Stones movie opens today
  22. Charlton Heston RIP
  23. What's your favorite baseball movie?
  24. Christmas On Mars screenings/tour
  25. del Toro to direct Hobbit movies
  26. theater experience...
  27. Sexy Roles
  28. Go See "Iron Man"
  29. Wedding movies
  30. Who Is This?
  31. Festival Express and Leonard Cohen film comments?
  32. Sydney Pollack has passed away
  33. Paul Newman battling terminal cancer?
  34. What is your favorite film about rock and roll
  35. Cyd Charisse has died.
  36. Goldeneye or Casino Royale?
  37. Just seen Wanted
  38. Name or describe what u found to be the funniest moment in film
  39. 'Terminator Salvation' Teaser
  40. MTV to remake "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
  41. Documentary films
  42. Fast Film (tribute to classic action films)
  43. Best Picture Academy Award Winners
  44. Flaming Lips DVD and CD - Christmas On Mars
  45. Down & dirty on the bayou!
  46. Down & Dirty on the Bayou .. Part 2
  47. cult flick gifts
  48. What tv show do you hate the most?
  49. "Jersey Boys"
  50. Jerry Reed Dies
  51. "In the Electric Mist"
  52. R.I.P. Paul Newman 1925-2008
  53. best movie ever made
  54. New Star Trek
  55. Most Underrated Movies
  56. King Crimson-Neal & Jack and Me-Live dvd
  57. Best movie(s)?
  58. Make up your own horror film.
  59. UK CRF'rs..., if you've seen Quantum Of Solace, how was it?
  60. Best Rock related film?
  61. Into The Wild
  62. Now Dolph Lundgren joins Stallone, Statham and Li in "The Expendables"!
  63. Steve Guttenberg Week
  64. Band of Brothers (2001) $25.99 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping
  65. the day the earth stood still...
  66. Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood's newest...
  67. Post a clip from a cheesy 70's or 80's movie
  68. What movies and other stuff did you get for Christmas?
  69. John Travolta's son dies
  70. Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot
  71. Who was the best Joker?
  72. Where The Wild Things Are
  73. Khan has died
  74. Who is Number One? You *were* Number Six!
  75. Best Monty Python movie
  76. Best Movie(s) of 2008
  77. Who is your favorite Monty Python member?
  78. Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair
  79. The Star Wars saga: Why 4-1-2-5-3-6 is my preferred viewing order...
  80. Peanuts Gang Performs Scenes from Clerks
  81. Revival of The A-Team
  82. Sam Raimi: Drag Me to Hell
  83. Ghostbusters III
  84. S. Darko
  85. Scream 4: It's Happening
  86. Will Smith
  87. The Runaways Biopic
  88. Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson In for Iron Man 2
  89. Watchmen
  90. Keira Knightley Declines Fourth Pirates Movie
  91. RIP Natasha Richardson
  92. Just saw "Dancer In The Dark" for the first time...Whoa!!
  93. Coen Brothers to Remake John Wayne's True Grit
  94. Wild Things Film Stills Emerge
  95. Let the Right One In DVD
  96. Best Movie So Far In 2009
  97. Monty Python: Almost the Truth (The Lawyer's Cut)
  98. Jessica Biel - Powder Blue
  99. Recent Brit flicks or Australian films
  100. Natalie Portman Launches MakingOf.com For Film Fans
  101. The Night Of The Hunter (1955)
  102. Post your favourite film posters here (the cult-iest & the weird-iest the better!)
  103. Robert Rodriguez Eyes Machete, New Predator Flick
  104. Dom DeLuise passes
  105. Time Travel Movies
  106. Blu-Ray vs. DVD
  107. Nick Cave’s “Gladiator II” Script Gets Unearthed, Critiqued
  108. Quentin Tarantino Discusses Basterds' Subtitles, Prequel
  109. What DVD do you have on preorder / waiting to come out in DVD?
  110. Recent Blu-Ray Purchases
  111. Which is Pixar's best movie?
  112. Biggest Badass
  113. The Tarantino Mixtape
  114. Favorite rock fiction movie?
  115. The Harder They Come
  116. A Couple of Dicks
  117. David Carradine found dead in Bangkok
  118. Shine A Light
  119. D-9
  120. Oscars to Nominate 10 Movies for Best Picture Rather than Five
  121. More Michael Bay.
  122. Favourite Quentin Tarantino movie
  123. Do you think The Breakfast Club were still friends come monday?
  124. Disney Pixar movies
  125. Harry Potter vs Star Wars vs Lord Of The Rings
  126. Favorite Steven Spielberg Movie
  127. What are all your favorite Star Trek movies?
  128. What Martin Scorsese movies do you own?
  129. delete
  130. FSM Releasing Complete Soundtrack For Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  131. Kate Winslet. Please let it all hang out a bit.
  132. Zombieland!
  133. Favorite Hitchcock movie
  134. Watch the Trailer for the New Coen Brothers Movie, A Serious Man
  135. Bill Murray vs Steve Martin
  136. Christian Bale on the set of his new movie "The Fighter". Crazy stuff.
  137. the haunting in connecticut
  138. The Runaways
  139. Contemporary American History
  140. Director John Hughes Dies
  141. Red Dawn-The Remake
  142. Watch Tom Waits Play the Devil in the Trailer for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
  143. What are your favourite old time film noir?
  144. old science fiction films
  145. Grindhouse fans: Machete filming under way
  146. Watch the Trailer for Retro Indie Horror Flick The House of the Devil
  147. Page, White, and The Edge in New Documentary
  148. My top 50 favorite movies
  149. Mystic River
  150. Rambo 5 and Bad Boys 3 getting made. Studio's to stop funding more 'art" type of movi
  151. Who thinks Hollywood is a trifle unoriginal these days?
  152. My Top 100 Movies
  153. Epic Tarantino's Mix Tape
  154. Some of my all-time favorite films
  155. I Sell The Dead (2009)
  156. Ten great 'chick flicks'
  157. Great "guy movies"
  158. Ten great modern thrillers
  159. Any actors that you're glad to see get a second life?
  160. The Road trailer video links, trailer and clips
  161. Patrick Swayze has passed
  162. Ten great modern comedies
  163. Patrick Swayze movies
  164. How often do you go to the movies every year?
  165. Inland Empire (2006)
  166. Popular movies in 5 seconds
  167. Sam Cooke Biopic Announced
  168. Sam Raimi to Produce Abominable Snowman Movie
  169. Salute Your Shorts: The Coen Brothers' Short Films and Commercials
  170. Terry Gilliam Finally Gets His Don Quixote
  171. Robert Rodriguez' Predators
  172. Spectacle (Season One) Blu-Ray/DVD Release
  173. Wes Craven Confirmed for Scream 4
  174. 'Dr No' Dead At 91
  175. Inglorious Basterds (Blu-Ray & DVD Info)
  176. Liam Neeson will lead big screen version of the A-Team
  177. The Where The Wild Things Are Thread (A MonsterPiece)
  178. Coen Brothers Cast Damon, Brolin and Bridges for True Grit
  179. Pulp Fiction Audio Mix
  180. Watch the Trailer for Invictus: Is This the Next Best Picture?
  181. Bikini Cinema: Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski, & Star Wars
  182. Robert Zemeckis Confirms Roger Rabbit Sequel
  183. Favorite Scenes From Films
  184. Evil Dead to Rise Again to Theaters in 2010
  185. The Talking, Self-Eating Fox From Antichrist Has His Moment
  186. Movie Poll: Pulp Fiction vs. The Shawshank Redemption
  187. Movie Poll: The Deer Hunter vs. Apocalypse Now
  188. Movie Poll: Taxi Driver vs. Raging Bull
  189. Movie Poll: The Shining vs. Se7en
  190. Star Wars - Failed Jedi Mind Trick?
  191. Movie Poll: Gone With The Wind vs The Godfather
  192. Movie Poll: Psycho vs The Exorcist
  193. Movie Poll: Casablanca vs Citizen Kane
  194. Movie Poll: Empire Strikes Back vs LOTR Return Of The King
  195. Bargain DVD Finds - Walmart, Big Lots, Cheapo etc.
  196. The Vatican Tapes
  197. Movie Poll: The Godfather II vs. Once Upon a Time In America
  198. Movie Poll: Platoon vs. Saving Private Ryan
  199. Movie Poll: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly vs. No Country for Old Men
  200. Movie Poll: Rocky vs. Cinderella Man
  201. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory vs. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  202. A Clockwork Orange vs. Straw Dogs
  203. Die Hard vs. Lethal Weapon
  204. Rear Window vs. Vertigo
  205. Give us your Favorite Movies Of All Time list!
  206. Kevin Smith Talks About Twilight
  207. need help finding some info........
  208. Zombieland Producer Confirms 3D Sequel
  209. Heat vs. The Dark Knight
  210. The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford vs. 3:10 to Yuma
  211. Play Misty for Me vs. Fatal Attraction
  212. Catching Up With... Richard Linklater
  213. Tom Waits Under Consideration for Peter Jackson's The Hobbit
  214. The Ken Russell appreciation thread!
  215. Natalie Portman To Conquer 'Zombies'
  216. Trailer for Maynard Keenan's Blood Into Wine Doc
  217. DiCaprio Goes Viking for Mel Gibson
  218. RIP Jennifer Jones
  219. Watch the Iron Man 2 Trailer
  220. Watch the Trailer for The Runaways
  221. RIP Brittany Murphy
  222. Catching Up With...Terry Gilliam
  223. Ghibli's new anime
  224. Let the Right One In Remake Set for October
  225. 500 days of Summer thead w/spoilers
  226. Spider-Man 4 to be Recast as Sam Raimi Walks
  227. Golden Globe Winners Announced.
  228. Favorite 70's films that weren't necessarily big hits
  229. A Dissertation on the giant pile of suck that is The Phantom Menace
  230. James Bond vs Indiana Jones
  231. Robert Rodriguez's (No Longer Fake) Machete to Be Releaed By Fox
  232. AC/DC to Handle Entire Iron Man 2 Soundtrack
  233. Poltergeist's Zelda Rubinstein Passes at 76
  234. Original Star Wars vs. Avatar
  235. Superbad (2007)
  236. Star Wars (1977)
  237. The Godfather (1972)
  238. Best Feature Film Trailers of All-Time...
  239. Writing Begins for The Dark Knight Follow-Up
  240. Which of these actors had the best decade?
  241. Which of these actresses had the best decade?
  242. What movies have you seen more than once at the theater, then got the DVD?
  243. Director Kevin Smith Kicked Off Plane for Being Too Fat
  244. New Taxi Driver?
  245. Catching Up With... Eli Roth
  246. 13 Things Penelope Does Better Than You
  247. Best Kris Kristofferson film?
  248. Best John Wayne film?
  249. Best Harrison Ford film?
  250. Best Jack Nicholson film?