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  1. OMG, Rich is Singing!? Checkout My New Tune...
  2. Your Top 5 books
  3. darker noel
  4. My first YouTube
  5. The Light Has Gone Out In This Heart
  6. Subdivisions
  7. chaos
  8. anger
  9. Cat photo in black and white
  10. What songs do you like?
  11. Poems with Music theme
  12. My second YouTube
  13. Are There Any Zinesters Here?
  14. Without Title
  15. Binaural Beat Music (himi sync)
  16. Video on youtube
  17. Faulty Love
  18. Look Into My Eyes
  19. Going Away
  20. I've Lost Myself
  21. For My Death
  22. Beautiful Sky,wonderful Earth
  23. Space Poem
  24. Sonnet writing contest! Win a valuable prize of your choice!
  25. Music books
  26. To the virgins, to make much of time
  27. Ventura Avenue.
  28. city nights pt1
  29. Zoo Pics....
  30. The Continuing Story Of Albert
  31. New song I wrote
  32. Poems
  33. The sonnet writing thread!
  34. Poetry writing contest #3! Sonnets versus limericks!
  35. Can you Haiku?
  36. The "Poetry" of Sarah Palin.
  37. Ayn Rand anyone?
  38. Michael Chrichton has died of cancer
  39. Hey Friends and the like!
  40. Art for art's sake
  41. evil
  42. Dirty Love
  43. Our Journey
  44. decay
  45. dead????
  46. Inspired to write some more...
  47. what about me
  48. My latest poem (as yet untitled)
  49. i don't know why
  50. Spillin' Yer Soup (In Yer Beard)
  51. Ride Aboard Your Train
  52. footprints in the rain
  53. What's your latest book purchase?
  54. The Mystery is dead!
  55. .270 really kicks
  56. The Big Read
  57. Does anyone here belong to a book club?
  58. A track from the "Sarge"
  59. in hell
  60. Edward Gorey Vs. Lemony Snicket
  61. Far Away Eyes
  62. Literary Quote
  63. Awful Library Books
  64. oblivian
  65. My Photography.
  66. Post a story idea for a Twilight Zone-like show
  67. This is probably a more fitting place to post my photos
  68. Coming soon...
  69. Origami - the basics
  70. Frank Zappa "said this?
  71. the obsidian gate
  72. Origami - Kangaroo #1
  73. Lone Sparrow (come together)<-----hey all, here's a poem
  74. The disc I recorded with Steve Albini
  75. Photoshop Art- "Lost and Rhythm"
  76. Origami - Wallaby
  77. Origami - Kangaroo #2
  78. A couple of new recordings
  79. jerry garcia and my husband
  80. Origami - Kangaroo #3
  81. janis joplin
  82. Origami - Koala
  83. Jackory's Insect Lounge
  84. Abstracted Architecture Photography
  85. Song Feedback
  86. One million people saw a photograph today that I took
  87. smoke
  88. A novel about sex, drugs & rock n' roll
  89. Name your favorite author's and favorite books.
  90. Lady Gaga to Release Book of Photos
  91. Duff McKagan Announces Book Tour
  92. My Father, David
  93. Keith Richards’ Life Sells a Million Copies
  94. Ozzy Osbourne: Trust Me, I’m Dr. Ozzy book update
  95. Madonna's Sex book is most wanted
  96. VIDEO: Did Shakespeare really write his plays?
  97. Things That Aren't There Anymore
  98. What Acupulco Music Should Sound Like
  99. 'Pearl Jam Twenty' Book Excerpt: '1994'
  100. 'Father of pop art' Richard Hamilton who designed Beatles' White Album dies at 89
  101. The 30 Harshest Author-on-Author Insults In History
  102. Readers’ Choice: 20 More Author-On-Author Insults
  103. Black Sabbath guitarist adds Birmingham book signing
  104. Ex-AC/DC Bassist Mark Evans Talks In Detail About Dirty Deeds Book
  105. Arnold Schwarzenegger to write memoirs
  106. 'Star Trek' stars feud - Shatner/Takei feud continues in new book
  107. Exclusive Book Excerpt: Michael Lindsay-Hogg on the Making of 'Let It Be'
  108. Frank Zappa: ‘Conventional, Conservative Man’
  109. Courtney Love to pen 'no holds barred' memoirs
  110. Stephen King unveils vampire heavy 'The Shining' sequel - video
  111. Aerosmith, ‘Ultimate Illustrated History’ – Book Review
  112. James Herbert?
  113. Tony Iommi's book?!
  114. The Doctor Is In: An Interview With Rock Icon Ozzy Osbourne
  115. ACE FREHLEY - Signing Sessions For New Book Announced
  116. Read Extract From Ace Frehley’s Book
  117. Keith Richards
  118. Stephen King's 11/22/63
  119. Squier Tele Demo instrumental (original song)
  120. Stephen King's New Book!
  121. VIDEO: Ace Frehley New York book-signing event
  122. Keith Richards Accepts Prestigious Literary Award
  123. Tony Iommi Talks Black Sabbath – Past, Present and Future?
  124. Book Excerpt: The Man Who Saved Jimi Hendrix from the Mafia
  125. KISS: Archie Meets KISS comic book signing announced
  126. Stephen King nominated for Bad Sex awards
  127. 2011 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards: Book of the Year
  128. Darrell K. Sweet 1934-2011
  129. The Best Heavy Metal Book of 2011, Possibly Ever
  130. Prolific fantasy writer Russell Hoban dies
  131. Stephen King raises $240,000 to pay Mainers' oil bills
  132. Rolling Stones ‘Exile’ Book Sells for a Sky High Price
  133. Gregg Allman Memoir ‘My Cross to Bear’ Due May 1
  134. By Horror Haunted
  135. JK Rowling to pen first novel for adults
  136. Ian Fleming's estate signs new James Bond book deal
  137. The Faces Announce Book Launch Event
  138. Pete Townshend Autobiography Coming
  139. Life Celebrating Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary With New Book
  140. New Neil Young Book Explores Recording Rarities And Concert Performances
  141. Leon Hendrix: Jimi 'Was Always Told to Shut Up When He Was a Kid'
  142. Neil Young Releases Preview Excerpt from ‘Waging Heavy Peace’ Book
  143. New Freddie Mercury Biography Coming in July
  144. Get A Sneak Peek at the New Rolling Stones Book
  145. 10 Things We Learned From Tom Waits
  146. Goodbye Ray Bradbury
  147. New Ebook Recalls The ‘Magnificent Roar’ Of The Grateful Dead
  148. New Randy Rhoads Book To Hit Shelves
  149. Recording The Beatles, Bowie and Elton
  150. New Book Alleges Mick Jagger Romantically Pursued Angelina Jolie + David Bowie
  151. New Book Celebrates Abbey Road Studios, Home of the Beatles, Pink Floyd
  152. KISS: Ace Frehley working on second memoir
  153. FREDDIE MERCURY - The Great Pretender: A Life In Pictures Sneak Peek Available
  154. Thin Lizzy guitarist’s memoir due this fall
  155. Pete Townshend Sets ‘Who I Am’ Memoir Release
  156. KISS Releases Largest Rock Book Ever - 'KISS Monster Book'
  157. The 25 Greatest Rock Memoirs of All Time
  158. Bruce Springsteen FAQ
  159. New U2 Photo Book Coming
  160. Heart Share Crazy Van Halen, Led Zeppelin Stories in New Book Preview
  161. Carlos Santana to Pen Memoir
  162. Fairport Convention Story Told In Book
  163. KISS: Peter Criss to promote memoir with book signing events
  164. Deep Purple At The California Jam book due in December
  165. Hey Jude tops literature list
  166. Exclusive Book Excerpt: Peter Criss, 'Makeup to Breakup: My Life In and Out of KISS'
  167. The Who: Pete Townshend talks new memoir on The Today Show
  168. ELP Live Experience Recorded In Book
  169. Neil Young’s Audiobook Read by Keith Carradine
  170. THIN LIZZY - The Boys Are Back In Town Memoir To See North American Release On May 1
  171. Jimi Hendrix Interviews and Reviews Documented in New Book
  172. New biography reveals how Mick Jagger was accosted by elderly and sex-crazed fans
  173. Gift Idea: Book on the History of Columbia Records
  174. THIN LIZZY - The Boys Are Back In Town Book Sells Out Again
  175. BLACK SABBATH - TONY IOMMI's Iron Man Audio Book, Paperback Available
  176. i got two poems published recently in Grain Magazine, winter edition
  177. Book Excerpt: The Story of David Bowie's Heroes...
  178. The Doors drummer pens tell-all
  179. Pink Floyd Book Gets Update
  180. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley Writing New Kiss Memoir
  181. A cool Dimebag sketch
  182. Records Truly Is My Middle Name
  183. John Fogerty working on autobiography
  184. Long live the book!
  185. Eric Burdon to release memoir
  186. Led Zeppelin: Sound And Fury digital book set for release
  187. LOU GRAMM - Juke Box Hero: My Five Decades In Rock 'N' Roll Autobiography
  188. Former ROLLING STONES, QUEEN, TWISTED SISTER Bodyguard Vic Robinson Shares Stories In
  189. Brian Wilson autobiography set for 2015
  190. Queen: The Queen Chronology book now available
  191. Bruce Springsteen The Light in Darkness book offer
  192. New Book on the History of Metal
  193. Record price for rare illustrated Harry Potter book
  195. Memoir By Bob Dylan's Closest Confidant in the Works
  196. Linda Ronstadt Autobiography Set For September Release
  197. The Frontman: Bono (In The Name of Power) by Harry Browne – review
  198. ELP Book Fully Revised
  199. Rush - The Illustrated History
  200. Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, The Who and the Birth of the Mega Rock Tour (Book Excerpt
  201. Elmore Leonard in hospital following stroke
  202. Ray Davies’ New Book ‘Americana’ Explores His Love/Hate Relationship With U.S.
  203. Rhino Records Releases Book For 40th Anniversary
  204. Book lovers can relate to this.
  205. KISS - Paul Stanley To Publish Autobiography Next Year
  206. Spy novelist Tom Clancy dies aged 66
  207. Robbie Robertson writes The Band out of history
  208. Johnny Cash's dark California days
  209. Eddie Van Halen biography due in 2015
  210. Jim Morrison's Final Thoughts In Unpublished Notebook To Sell At Auction
  211. The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story: A Behind-the-Scenes Look
  212. JD Salinger stories leaked online
  213. KISS: Paul Stanley releasing autobiography in 2014
  214. What Book Are You Reading?
  215. Neil Young to publish second memoir
  216. Save The World
  217. Allman Brothers: New Duane Allman book due next week
  218. Paul Stanley reads from autobiography
  219. Ode to Driving & Talking on a Cellphone
  220. Axl Rose’s former assistant to publish Guns N’ Roses book
  221. Burt Reynolds memoir scheduled for 2015
  222. Led Zeppelin: New Robert Plant biography due this fall
  223. Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview
  224. Original 1970s KISS road crew release memoir
  225. Grateful Dead’s Bill Kreutzmann to release memoir
  226. All Men are Bastards (song I wrote)
  227. 1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music by Andrew Grant Jackson
  228. THIN LIZZY – Are You Ready? Thin Lizzy Album By Album Book Coming In September
  229. Andy Fraser Biography Published
  230. Sock Hop - a song I wrote recently
  231. Live and Landscape Series
  232. KISS' 1978 'Solo' Albums The Focus Of New Book
  233. Penguin Publishing Phil Collins' "Warts and All" Autobiography
  234. David Gilmour's First Wife, Ginger, Releases Memoir
  235. The Rap Year Book: The Most Important Rap Song From Every Year Since 1979
  236. Ozzy Was Feared Kidnapped Following Binge With David Lee Roth
  237. Live Aid invite might have saved Phil Lynott, says author
  238. Metallica preview Master Of Puppets book
  239. Logan's Run author Johnson dies at 86
  240. Sam Phillips: The Man Who Invented Rock ‘n’ Roll
  241. Lionel Richie Book Won’t Be Out Until Some People Are Dead
  242. Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather notebook to be published as an epic 720-page book
  243. King Crimson’s Thrak: The Complete Scores book set for release
  244. New Kiss book chronicles band between 1977-1980
  245. 10 Best Music Books of 2017
  246. “Wonderwall” by Oasis – The BEST Cover EVER?
  247. David Bowie Book Club Launched By His Son
  248. New Moody Blues Biography Published
  249. Making a beat with guitar in studio (New Video)
  250. The Who's Roger Daltrey Sets Release For Long-Awaited Memoir