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  1. Anyone want to hear about obscure & forgotten 60s/70s bands/albums?
  2. We Want Pulse!!
  3. Yngwie Malmsteen
  4. Classic rock stations...
  5. Cahoots
  6. Best Rock Vocalists
  7. Most Tragic Deaths In Rock.
  8. Your First Album
  9. Picture Perfect Albums?
  10. Post your whole CD collection (if you dare!)
  11. The Best of Neil Young (AKA make up random compilations)
  12. Sounds like Led Zep
  13. What's the last MUSIC DVD you bought?
  14. Rock's "believe it or not"
  15. Tull Remasters
  16. What ten songs should classic rock radio play instead of the usual?
  17. Top 10 rock songs you'd most want to hear cranked up at a CRF party
  18. Yourmusic.com
  19. Those good ol' discount bins discoveries
  20. Best female vocal
  21. Your favourite album from your favourite artist
  22. The Darkside of Oz
  23. Clapton autobiography on the way
  24. Beatallica
  25. Bad Album Covers
  26. Australian Pink Floyd
  27. 100 greatest rock instrumentals
  28. The Wedding Present
  29. Top 15 favorite albums...
  30. What songs suggest sex or something sexual
  31. Van Morrison US "Tour"
  32. How did your favorite bands get their names? (or stage names~Solo & members)
  33. Zappa Plays Zappa
  34. Greatest Acoustic Songs Ever
  35. Good songs for envisioning dancing go-go girls
  36. Holy Cowbell
  37. Underrated Rock Guitarists
  38. * Favorite Music Video Clips Thread *
  39. Joni Mitchell
  40. Syd Barrett R.I.P.
  41. Stupid Band Names
  42. Greatest Guitar solos
  43. The Gene Simmons' "Family Jewels" thread
  44. Deep Cuts
  45. Pandora listeners - here's an idea (Thumbs up/thumbs down)
  46. music trivia question.
  47. KISS picture thread!!
  48. Robert Plant Working On Duets Album
  49. Shaw Blades II : Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades
  50. Bands that haven’t reunited & probably never will…
  51. Did you find the KISSOLOGY Vol.1 "Easter Eggs"?
  52. Bill Graham Online Concert Streams
  53. The CRF2 Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction thread
  54. Eric Clapton in Vancouver!!
  55. Where do you put Deep Purple?
  56. Bands you're supposed to like, but.......
  57. Post bands/artists here as you discover them
  58. Name a favorite lesser-known song by a group or artist you really dig
  59. Ever had a bad haircut?
  60. Favourite Music DVD's
  61. Lists
  62. The greatest debut albums in rock history?
  63. Police might reunion this year
  64. Peter Frampton nominated for 2 Grammys
  65. Great bands that put out a famous turkey
  66. What are some crazy drumming songs?
  67. Simon Cowell: Bob Dylan Is Boring
  68. Favorite Live Albums You Wish You Had The DVD Of
  69. Music you grew up with and like
  70. Time for a reminder.....
  71. Favourite Music video of all time?
  72. The MTV poll
  73. Metallica 'sinking ship'? Rick Rubin to the rescue?
  74. Neil Young Opens Archives
  75. Song of death?
  76. Simmons vs. Osbourne
  77. Heaven And Hell to play ONLY Dio era Sabbath songs!
  78. Hijacked classic songs
  79. Denny Doherty Of The Mamas And Papas Dead At 66
  80. New RUSH album to be complete by end of the month!
  81. Rhyme Crime: Worst Rhymes in Music
  82. THE CULT recording new album
  83. Clip of Eddie playing from 1/19/07
  84. Rock Difference??
  85. KISSOLOGY DVD 5x platinum
  86. Rage Against the Machine back....
  87. J.J. French on Axl Roses "ripping off his fans. That piece of sh*t!"
  88. CSN&Y 'Freedom of Speech Tour 2006' DVD Coming
  89. Yes Fans : Rick Wakeman Live At The BBC CD Due In March
  90. Steve Hillage Reissues
  91. Remembering Terry Kath
  92. Aerosmith planning huge world tour this year
  93. Roger Waters interview
  94. John Mellencamp Defends Chevrolet Commercial
  95. CRF2 2006 Awards
  96. Crowded House reforming for world tour
  97. Jimi Hendrix energy drink in works
  98. Pink Floyd ...Movies / DVD's /Bootlegs
  99. It's Confirmed: Van Halen To Reunite With Roth For Tour
  100. Top Greatest Guitar Solos Ever
  101. Hear new Bon Jovi songs here!!
  102. Top 20 guitar solos ever!!
  103. Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Survey (Who Do YOU Think Should Be Next?)
  104. 25 Most Influential Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time
  105. 111 Wussiest Songs
  106. YES To Prepare For 40th Anniversary Tour 2008
  107. Zeppelin To Tour Again?
  108. Best Vocalist/Guitarist
  109. Nothing like CRF2
  110. ?'s house burns down
  111. Peter Gabriel new album w/o label
  112. Dee Snider talk about record "A Twisted Christmas, Too"? and about Axl
  113. B.B. King Hospitalized in Texas
  114. A.I. Rocker Daughtry Edges Out 'Dreamgirls' To Claim No. 1
  115. The Van Halen 2007 setlist - let's help them out
  116. A Stevie Wonder question...
  117. Ozzy's back in London F**kin Town !
  118. Rory Gallagher
  119. Since He's Been Gone
  120. Better Live?
  121. need info on Classic bands & their influence on modern bands
  122. Top 5 band names!
  123. This Day In Music
  124. Van Halen '78-'84 compilation?
  125. This should be used to promote the VH tour
  126. Drummer Jokes
  127. 2006, year of the reunion and come back, who's next?
  128. Billy Joel to release first pop single in 14 years
  129. Jim Morrison Poem Used in New Global Warming Campaign
  130. Stanley on Gene's album 'A**hole' is "not the album I would have hoped he made"
  131. First Eagles Album in 30 Years Coming "Within 90 Days"
  132. WBLM's Annual Blimp Bowl
  133. Rock meets Country to team up co-heading tour
  134. Happy Ending for REO fans
  135. All Along The Watchtower
  136. Feb. 3, 1959 The day the music died.
  137. Oh no...not another top 100 album list
  138. Thin Lizzy to remix their classic tracks?
  139. Will you buy the new Van Halen '78-'84 compilation?
  140. Stones planning new tour for 2007?
  141. CRF2 top album list
  142. Police is offered £150 million to tour America and Europe
  143. Live concerts - Frampton vs. Clapton
  144. Koritni-Have you heard them?
  145. King Diamon/Mercyful Fate - downloading hurts!
  146. Prince at the Superbowl
  147. Original LOVE/HATE reunited
  148. Which Quiet Riot lineup do you prefer?
  149. Guitarists Attempt To Break Rock Record
  150. JETBOY is back after 15 years!
  151. OZZFEST 2007... FOR FREE! Groundbreaking Announcement
  152. The New Guitar Gods...
  153. Dream setlist - pick an artist and the songs you want them to play
  154. The Death of CD's
  155. Catching the Moment !
  156. Rocks Top 10 Hedonists
  157. Are You a Connoisseur of Music ?
  158. How important are lyrics to you?
  159. Styx,Foreigner and Asia concert dates
  160. New/old Damn Yankees/Dokken dvds coming out
  161. Bret Michaels leading the way to bring ROCK back!
  162. Heaven And Hell "The Dio Years" track listing here!
  163. Soul Britannia - clips online from the BBC
  164. Climate Change Concerts 'To Dwarf Live Aid'
  165. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  166. Tom Petty to release live album in November
  167. OZZFEST 2007 screw artists?
  168. Genesis free concert!
  169. TONY IOMMI Doesn't Rule Out Recording Full Album With RONNIE JAMES DIO
  170. Silly Rabbit Nicks Are For Kids
  171. Too Sly For a White Guy?
  172. New Songs/Albums/Artists You Are Getting Into
  173. I finally found a store that sells Classic Rock Magazine!!
  174. Classic Rock Magazine's Roll Of Honour 2006
  175. New Ed pictures
  176. Blue Murder reunion in progress?
  177. The Brit Awards
  178. 2007 Grammy Awards
  179. HURRICANE resurrection!
  180. First set of Police concert dates
  181. Heaven And Hell tour drawing huge interest from fans
  182. It's Been 5 Years!
  183. Rush tourdates
  184. *~~greatest love songs~~*
  185. Most Diverse Artists
  186. 69 Sexiest Songs
  187. Bands/artists you wish radio would put on a 10-year moratorium
  188. New Bret Michaels reality show coming!
  189. Iron Maiden to play concert in India
  190. Legal music download business model is failing
  191. Rick Rubin on Metallica "I asked them not to reinvent themselves so much..."
  192. Roger Waters to tour North America again
  193. Your average Classic Rock FM tunes...
  194. Best Rock n Roll Lead Singer?
  195. Will there be CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL reunion?
  196. Ex-GNR drummer, Steven Adler on GNR "It would be the biggest reunion ever in history"
  197. Brit Awards Winners
  198. Info on Night Ranger "Hole In The Sun"
  199. Hear a sample of the new Rush single here!!
  200. Wolfmother is the first Australian act in 25 years to win a Grammy
  201. Diamond Dave Spills His Guts About VH Reunion
  202. Astbury leaves gig with Doors members,relaunches The Cult
  203. Chris Cornell quits Audioslave amid conflicts
  204. The Who European Tour 2007
  205. EDDIE Hopes To Release New Music With ROTH + Sammy etc issues
  206. HEAVEN AND HELL's APPICE: 'It's Gonna Be Fun Playing These Old Songs Again'
  207. song meanings site url
  208. Frontmen leaving bands
  209. Bonnaroo 2007
  210. driven to tears
  211. 12 Essential "Live In Japan" releases according to Classic Rock Magazine
  212. Ian Gillan "I was terrific and Ritchie Blackmore was a twat"
  213. VHIV picture (Dave included)
  214. In Praise of the Sidemen
  215. Check out this KISS tribute band! The Paul Stanleys!! 4 Pauls
  216. Kingdom Come/Dokken Teaming Tour??
  217. Oasis Song Borrowing
  218. Pink Floyd all but reunited
  219. The Jam to reunite!
  220. XM, Sirius radio to merge!!!
  221. Mr.Ed's list of "Essential" Live Albums
  222. MTV VS. YOUTUBE who will win?
  223. Essential 'DAD ROCK' Tracks
  224. 10 Songs That Remind Me Of High School
  225. With the Light's out, It's less Dangerous
  226. Well well well....trouble in Van Halen-land?
  227. The BEST greatest hits albums
  228. Heather Mills to compete on "Dancing With The Stars"
  229. JÄGERMEISTER To Sponsor OZZFEST's Second Stage With Its Own Mobile Stage
  230. Reminders Of Grade School...Which Songs?
  231. Plant & Page Are Out Of Touch
  232. Graham Nash the father of digital photos
  233. Black N' Blue to release 'Rarities' album
  234. Aerosmith to Sweden Rock
  235. The Only Ones Reunited For Gigs!
  236. More on the Van Halen mess
  237. Alice Cooper Picture Thread!!
  238. R.I.P. Ian Wallace
  239. Awesome back-to-back tunes - contribute three...
  240. Breaking news!!! Chinese Democracy delayed!
  241. Morrisey now not involved in Eurovision song
  242. Tell me about Govt Mule
  243. Heavy Metal Covers
  244. When do bands usually reach their peak?
  245. Ace Frehley NOT dead!!
  246. Vote for top 20 artists who began since 2000
  247. Noel Gallagher vs Thom Yorke
  248. Is the Concert Tour T-Shirt Era Over?
  249. Looking for an ELO song
  250. Powermad regrouped, working on new album