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  1. Get Back, Honky Tonk Women & Going Up The Country
  2. Rock's Greatest POWER-TRIO
  3. Best Neil Young title track?
  4. The Greatest Band Ever
  5. Vote for your Favorite San Francisco band
  6. Tournament Winners
  7. Tom Morello vs. Kurt Cobain (as musicans)
  8. Radiohead is...
  9. John Lennon vs Kurt Cobain
  10. Poll: Bob Dylan or Van Morrison
  11. the cult vs. skid row
  12. grateful dead vs. the doors
  13. your favorite 'time period' in music........
  14. 70's fusion vs 90's grunge
  15. Police vs. Rush
  16. Favorite Beatles Tune Out Of This List......
  17. The Bill Wyman years - the ultimate Rolling Stone tune poll!
  18. Top Harmonica Tune Poll!
  19. What age do you fall under?
  20. Favorite track on "VU and Nico"?
  21. The Eyes Have It
  22. Good 'n Fruity
  23. How do you like your Clapton?
  24. Atom Heart Mother vs. Echoes vs. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
  25. Bands with attitude!
  26. Five guitarists, but only one vote!
  27. The Beatles vs. Bob Dylan
  28. Another Dylan Poll: Dylan versus Donovan
  29. Bob Dylan vs The Rolling Stones
  30. Don't Do Me Like That vs. Don't Bring Me Down
  31. Billy Squier vs. Billy Idol
  32. El Loco vs. Zenyatta Mondatta
  33. A "Whitey" poll
  34. Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home vs. Highway 61 Revisited vs. Blonde On Blonde
  35. A poll for Zeppboy ~ Part One
  36. A Poll for BobbyG
  37. A Poll for "Sister" Ray
  38. Appetite For Destruction vs. Nevermind
  39. Kid Rock vs. Bob Dylan
  40. Def Leppard vs. Nirvana
  41. Bruce vs Warren vs Jackson
  42. Survivor
  43. Favorite Rush member?
  44. The Crf2 Supergroup
  45. Deep Purple versus Queen!
  46. Jesus Christ Superstar vs. Bat Out Of Hell
  47. Vote for your favourite hits by the Who!
  48. Which Stone Roses do you like?
  49. Vote for your favourite Rolling Stones' track - the final!
  50. Vote for your favourite organ track - the final!
  51. Favorite Sax Solo
  52. Will YOU buy/get the new Chickenfoot CD?
  53. Bob Dylan vs. Ted Nugent
  54. Sex Pistols vs. Yes?
  55. Bob Dylan vs. Yes
  56. Name my guitar - the poll
  57. Sticky Fingers vs. Fragile
  58. Nebraska vs. Leftoverture
  59. Revolver vs. Fragile vs. Harvest vs. Meddle
  60. The Beach Boys vs. The Zombies vs. The Monkees vs. The Hollies
  61. Joy Division vs. The Cure vs. Nick Cave
  62. Blonde On Blonde vs Bitches Brew
  63. The newest smart-ass Frisbee poll
  64. soulless music poll
  65. Radiohead vs. Sigur Ros
  66. Vote for your favourite harmonica track - the final!
  67. Michael Jackson vs. Prince
  68. Temptations vs Rage Against The Machine
  69. Pearl Jam vs. Radiohead
  70. Cinderella vs. Nirvana
  71. Deep Purple vs. Cinderella
  72. Poison vs. Baseboard Molding
  73. The Blues Poll: Muddy Waters vs. Cinderella
  74. Is Classic Rock a generational thing, or is it constantly changing?
  75. AC/DC vs. Pearl Jam
  76. The Police vs. Pearl Jam
  77. "House of the Rising Sun" versus "She's Not There"!
  78. The Who vs. Yes vs. The Rolling Stones
  79. Soundgarden vs. Guns N' Roses
  80. Traffic vs. Iron Maiden
  81. David Bowie versus Elton John!
  82. Lay Lady Lay vs. Layla
  83. Houses Of The Holy vs. Quadrophenia
  84. Ronnie James Dio vs. Ozzy Osbourne vs. Bruce Dickinson vs. Rob Halford
  85. After The Gold Rush vs. Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs
  86. Shout At The Devil vs. In Utero
  87. Grunge vs. Hair Metal
  88. Classic Rock vs. Your Mom
  89. Time Has Come Today vs Time
  90. Led Zeppelin vs. Bob Dylan
  91. Dimebag Barrell vs Zakk Wylde
  92. Rudy vs. Rudie
  93. Black Sabbath vs. Pink Floyd vs. The Who
  94. Neil Young vs. Bob Dylan
  95. Red Hot Chilli Peppers vs. Prince
  96. Queen vs. Boston
  97. Cheap Trick vs. ELO
  98. Black Sabbath vs. Alice Cooper
  99. Blues Traveler versus the J. Geils Band!
  100. "Sunshine Of Your Love" or "White Room"
  101. Keith Moon vs. John Bonham
  102. Led Zeppelin vs. The Who
  103. blind melon vs stone temple pilots vs seven mary three
  104. Dylan vs Young
  105. Queen vs. ELO
  106. George Harrison vs Keith Richards
  107. Abbey Road vs. Who's Next vs. Sticky Fingers
  108. Mick Jagger vs. Robert Plant
  109. Ringo Starr vs. Charlie Watts
  110. Jimmy Page vs. Jeff Beck
  111. Slash vs. Jimmy Page vs. Joe Perry
  112. Who's The Most Talented Member Of The Rolling Stones?
  113. Status Quo vs Quiet Riot
  114. Bon Jovi vs. Pearl Jam
  115. Kurt Cobain vs. Eddie Vedder vs. Chris Cornell
  116. Zeppelin 2 vs. Whos Next vs. Wish You Were Here
  117. Kiss vs Monkees
  118. Wish You Were Here vs. Are You Experienced
  119. The Wall vs. Nevermind
  120. Who did "Mony Mony" better?
  121. Metallica vs. Pearl Jam
  122. Insane Clown Posse versus the White Stripes!
  123. Fleetwood Mac vs. Pearl Jam
  124. Rush vs. Blue Oyster Cult
  125. Beatles vs. The Beach Boys
  126. The battle for Seattle!
  127. Vote for the girl group tune you like the best - the final!
  128. The Eagles vs. Oasis
  129. poll rules
  130. Black Sabbath vs. Van Halen
  131. A person and that person's band. The challengers assemble!
  132. Metallica vs. Rush
  133. Lennon's Best
  134. Which "Walk Away Renee" do you prefer?
  135. Sympathy For The Devil: Which cover is best?
  136. Boys & Girls Together Part One
  137. Beach Boys vs. Beach Boys
  138. Best Deep Purple Line Up?
  139. Hole vs L7
  140. 70's vs. 80's
  141. Aerosmith vs. Rush
  142. Car's Greatest Hits
  143. R.E.M. - Perfect Circle vs. Nightswimming
  144. Gun Club vs. Sex Pistols
  145. The Black Crowes vs. Pearl Jam
  146. Frank Zappa vs. John Lennon
  147. Muddy Waters vs Robert Johnson
  148. Slaughter vs. Candlebox
  149. Bill Ward Or Vinny Appice For Black Sabbath
  150. Song Wars: Beatles vs Beatles
  151. Song Wars: Beatles vs Beatles
  152. Song Wars: The Animals vs The Animals
  153. Jane's Addiction versus Radiohead!
  154. The Cult vs. The Cure
  155. Which 70's glam band is the best?
  156. Maggot Brain vs. Machine Gun
  157. Favorite 1970s punks?
  158. Liberace vs. Elton John
  159. Use You Illusion I vs. Use Your Illusion II
  160. The Darkness: Yay or Nay?
  161. Robert Plant vs Freddie Mercury
  162. Ritchie Blackmore versus Peter Townshend!
  163. The Animals versus the Hollies!
  164. Who Is The Bigger Music Business Snob Ritchie Blackmore or Axl Rose?
  165. The cat fight spills out into the alleyway!
  166. Purple Haze vs Purple Rain
  167. Battle of the Nineties! Part One.
  168. Hard Rock Hootenanny!
  169. Boys & Girls Together Part Two
  170. Two bands nobody talks about here.
  171. Battle of the Nineties! Part Two.
  172. Sweet Angel
  173. The Dave Clark Five versus Paul Revere & the Raiders!
  174. Jimi Hendrix vs. Kurt Cobain
  175. what should hightea do with his extra u2 ticket
  176. Beatles: 1962 - 1966 vs. 1967 - 1970
  177. Rate That Song #1
  178. Rate That Song #2
  179. Joni's First Threesome!
  180. Nirvana Unplugged in New York or From the Banks of the Muddy Wishkah
  181. Rate That Song #3
  182. Sunday vs. Sunday
  183. Bloody vs Bloody
  184. Rate That Song #4
  185. Survivor: Week 16 Challenge, Poll 1
  186. Survivor: Week 16 Challenge, Poll 2
  187. Blue vs. Blue
  188. The 80's HMRockers..
  189. Rate That Song #5
  190. Another Hard Rock Hootenanny!
  191. Rate The Songs #6
  192. Is U2 the biggest band these days?
  193. Rate that Song #6
  194. Who is BIGGER?
  195. Ac/Dc Or Accept
  196. Rate That Song # 7
  197. Battle of the Nineties! Part Three.
  198. Some 80's..Some 90's bands.. Pick 2 favorites!!!!
  199. The Kinks versus Van Halen!
  200. A Mixed Bag Of 80's Artist!! Pick 3 favorites
  201. Mixed Bag of 80's Part II
  202. How many new albums do you listen to each year?
  203. Which Alice Cooper Albums Are The Best? Pick 3
  204. Nina Simone vs. Aretha Franklin
  205. Who is more technically proficient: Rush vs. Dream Theater
  206. Which Queen Albums Are The Best? Pick 2
  207. AC/DC versus U2!
  208. Bono versus Sonny Bono versus Bozo the Clown!
  209. Dire Straits vs. Simon & Garfunkel
  210. Joni's Second Threesome!
  211. The Cars versus T.Rex!
  212. Dookie vs. Smash
  213. Machine Gun vs. The Star Spangled Banner
  214. Joni's Last Threesome (of the Week)!
  215. White Fight: Whitesnake, The White Stripes, Great White, White Lion, & White Zombie
  216. Is it Overrated?: Stairway To Heaven
  217. The Masters Of Simplicity: The Ramones vs. AC/DC
  218. Which song is REALLY the best song on Led Zeppelin IV?
  219. Time For Some Motown
  220. Bush vs. Live
  221. PUNK poll- a mix of old and new
  222. REM vs. STP
  223. Do you like OutKast's "Hey Ya"? (youtube link included)
  224. Joan Jett and The Blackhearts vs. Heart
  225. False advertising?
  226. The Police vs. Scorpions
  227. The Donna's Or Girlschool
  228. Def Leppard vs. Boston
  229. Van Halen Debut Album vs. 1984
  230. That's A Whole Lotta Hair: 80's Metal Face Off
  231. Janis Joplin vs. Journey
  232. The Velvet Underground vs. Radiohead
  233. AC/DC vs Motörhead
  234. AC/DC vs. Van Halen
  235. Def Leppard vs. KISS
  236. Judas Priest vs. Pearl Jam
  237. Beastie Boys Vs. Gorillaz
  238. Dirty Vegas Vs. Massive Attack
  239. Glam rock/metal. Who is your favorite? Pick 3
  240. Thin Lizzy vs. UFO
  241. Rainbow's Best LP
  242. Elton John vs. David Bowie
  243. Prince vs. Meat Loaf
  244. The Showdown of Detroit
  245. Genesis vs. Deep Purple
  246. Bryan Adams vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers
  247. Clash of Super Frontmen II: Freddie Mercury vs. Jim Morrison
  248. Sufjan Stevens vs. New Pornographers
  249. Prog Battle
  250. Eddie Van Halen vs. Al Di Meola