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  1. name some favorite psychedelic late 60's songs
  2. I love LOVE(Arthur Lee &)....
  3. Most influencial 60's rock artist
  4. What is your favourite album from The 60s?
  5. The Chocolate Watchband
  6. The Zombies
  7. Blue Cheer
  8. Brilliant men... drugged to the extreme.
  9. The Hollies
  10. The Small Faces
  11. Favorite not-so-well-known Kinks tracks?
  12. The Dave Clark Five
  13. The Monkees: Still Dissed After All These Years
  14. Great Psychedelic and garage compilations
  15. what psychedelic music are you listening too right now?
  16. The Association
  17. Beau Brummels
  18. Fat Mattress
  19. Donovan
  20. Nuggets
  21. The Grass Roots
  22. Blood, Sweat & Tears
  23. Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass to release classic early albums on CD
  24. The Mama's and the Papa's
  25. Beatles vs Pink Floyd
  26. Looking for more bands like these...
  27. The Turtles
  28. Zappa's Freak Out
  29. Zeppelin I vs Zeppelin II
  30. Moby Grape??
  31. Do You Consider S.F. Sorrow To Be The First Rock Opera?
  32. Best Poll Ever.
  33. Hendrix vs Page
  34. Top 5 Favorite Psychedelic Bands of the 60's?
  35. Help me out with "Blonde on Blonde"
  36. Any Captain Beyond Fans?
  37. Tommy James and the Shondells??
  38. James Brown What's your song
  39. The end is near for the Rolling Stones.
  40. Louie Louie
  41. Happy Birthday!
  42. Last Train To Clarksville or California Dreamin
  43. Bob Dylan : Your Favorite Dylan Songs From The 60's And Beyond...
  44. Music Machine
  45. Any one remember these
  46. Happy Jack or Jumpin' Jack Flash
  47. Snowblind Friend or Angie
  48. Posters
  49. New Stones single
  50. Hendrix Woodstock performance coming out on DVD
  51. The Kinks
  52. Favorite Sixties Slogan
  53. Crazy Elephant
  54. Rate and review Let it Bleed.
  55. Days Of Future Passed vs. Sgt. Pepper's
  56. 36 Years ago Today 08/15/69
  57. Bob Dylan's debut VS Neil Young's debut
  58. Keith Richards interview
  59. What's your favorite Moody Blues song besides "Nights In White Satin"?
  60. Doors news!
  61. Jimmy Hendrix 1965 Letter to father
  62. 7And7 Is
  63. Citys that rock
  64. Art Garfunkel Charged With Marijuana Possession
  65. At What Age Did You Really Start Appreciating the Beatles?
  66. 40 years ago TODAY The Doors First demo!
  67. Swinging Blue Jeans Founder Dies
  68. Yardbirds - Birdland
  69. Coven
  70. Satisfaction or Get Off My Cloud
  71. Best Guitarist to come from the Yardbirds?
  72. Electric Lawyerland
  73. Pink Floyd
  74. the yardbirds : top ten favorite songs
  75. Jimi Hendrix, The Who or Santana
  76. Yes, No, I Was Stoned, I Saw The Documentary
  77. Summer In The City or Do You Beleive In Magic
  78. Animals vs Frijt Pink
  79. Best Cream Rock Classic Of All Time
  80. Astral Weeks Vs. Plastic Ono Band
  81. The End Vs. When the Musics Over
  82. Janis Joplin
  83. Grateful Dead 3 disc set from Fillmore 1969 coming out
  84. Rock ballads
  85. Favorite 60's B-Bands
  86. Door's Densmore Holds Out
  87. Eric Clapton on QVC in November.
  88. Who's your favorite from The Travelling Willburies
  89. Rolling Stones: Name Your Favorite Song...
  90. The Horror Of It All
  91. Small Faces
  92. Lady Jane or Lady Madonna
  93. State your favourite Doors CD
  94. The Motown Thread
  95. Stax vs Motown
  96. Jimi Hendrix Live At Woodstock.
  97. The Doors "Live In Philedelpia 1970" to be released in Nov
  98. Peter & Gordon VS. Chad & Jeremy
  99. Do you think Santana would have made it without the exposure at Woodstock?
  100. Steve Miller Band & Paul McCartney 1969
  101. What was your Favorite Rolling Stones Album before 1970?
  102. How controversial was the song Fire back in 67?
  103. What is your favorite album from 1969?
  104. What is your favorite album from 1968?
  105. What is your favorite album from 1967?
  106. What is your favorite album from 1966?
  107. What is your favorite album from 1965?
  108. What is your favorite album from 1964?
  109. What is your favorite album from 1963?
  110. A Whiter Shade of Pale or Good Morning Starshine
  111. White Rabbit or Somebody To Love
  112. Ja/js...
  113. free Mike & The Ravens CD; rockabilly from '62
  114. What are your Top 10 (or more) Simon & Garfunkel songs in order...
  115. Summertime Blues
  116. The Litter
  117. Do you think the Stones will release another album & tour again in five years?
  118. Like A Rolling Stone or A Day In The Life
  119. Do you think Bob Dylan was more influential in the 60's than the Beatles?
  120. A Keith Relf biography??
  121. The Who was a Rock & Roll Band from the 60's...
  122. Rolling Stones ''Jumping Jack Flash'' live in concert 1968 video
  123. Donovan.
  124. Light My Fire or Nights In White Satin
  125. Remember ........when you were Young ?
  126. Magic Carpet Ride or In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
  127. The Monks
  128. No more now -
  129. What is the album of the decade?
  130. Vincent Crane...unsung keyboardist...
  131. Moby Grape...
  132. Janis Joplin
  133. Buffalo Springfield or The Byrds or The Hollies
  134. Buffalo Springfield vs The Yardbirds
  135. Blues Magoos, Shadows of Knight, or Music Machine
  136. Charles Manson
  137. Bob Dylan or Neil Young
  138. Dear Mr. Fantasy or Dear Prudence or Dear Doctor
  139. Fapardokly
  140. Cream
  141. Why wasn't the Atlanta Pop Festival filmed back in 69?
  142. Jim Morrison's mom dies at 86
  143. The Doors' Soft Parade
  144. Do you think Wooden Ships is better than Suite Jude Blue Eyes?
  145. Beach Boys going to court again
  146. Syd Barrett
  147. Have You See Your Mother Baby
  148. Purple Haze
  149. Under My Thumb
  150. With a Little Help From My Friends
  151. Terry Reid
  152. Buffalo Springfield at Monterey
  153. The Song "In The Year 2525"
  154. Favorite Double-Album of the 60's
  155. Favorite Double Album of the 60's
  156. Favorite Double album of the 60's, Round II
  157. Top 20 Countdown 1962
  158. '60s garage rock
  159. Jimi Hendrix- a heretic's point of view
  160. Dennis Wilson quote
  161. Is Mick Jagger a great vocalist or a great frontman?
  162. Roger McGuinn
  163. Wichita Lineman
  164. The British are coming
  165. Alley Oop
  166. Like A Rolling Stone
  167. Sunny Afternoon
  168. Going Up The Country
  169. Top 10 Garage-Rock Songs
  170. Dylan Goes Electric
  171. For Emily (whenever I may find her)
  172. '50s and '60s Bands Aim To Stop Copycats
  173. One Night In Miami! March 1st 1969!
  174. The Pentangle
  175. find more about classic 60s beat/rock from Eastern Europe here!
  176. killer '60s photos
  177. What kind of 60s person are you quiz!
  178. "Days Of Future Passed" Deluxe Edition released on April 4th!
  179. Cool Cassette
  180. Cool Cassette #2
  181. Solomon Burke "We will light the world with our love"
  182. Canned Heat or Quicksilver Messenger Service
  183. The Chambers Brothers
  184. Shocking Blue
  185. It's official! Beach Boys to reunite!
  186. do you still listen to vinyl records
  187. Does any one do the twist anymore?
  188. Bought Pet Sounds today
  189. John Mayall
  190. New Beach Boys CD out today
  191. THE OFFICIAL: Creedence Clearwater Revival Forum
  192. Cuby and the Blizzards
  193. Omega
  194. Is 60's rock fading into just a memory or still an influence these days?
  195. Between the Buttons! Too poppy?
  196. I Am The Walrus or Strawberry Fields Forever or All You Need Is Love
  197. Mike Love-The Worlds Luckiest Man
  198. One band one hit
  199. Don't look here unless you want to read obscure Grateful Dead reference: RIP Ramrod
  200. Help making 60s pop/rock mix..
  201. Pink FLoyd in 67-American Bandstand
  202. who invented heavy metal?
  203. who invented heavy metal?
  204. Pink Floyd: Piper...Gates to Atom Heart Mother
  205. Journey to the Center of the Mind or I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
  206. 13th floor elevator
  207. john's children
  208. 40th Anniversary Edition of Blonde On Blonde
  209. Rock and Roll
  210. The spirit of Janis Joplin to be contacted for TV special
  211. Beach Boys Reunite Atop Capitol Records
  212. Os Mutantes (I finally have heard them)
  213. The Monkees
  214. sixties psychedelic web radio
  215. Tequila or Green Onions
  216. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds or She's A Rainbow
  217. People
  218. Beach Boys : Top 10/20 Songs
  219. what about the "pretty things'"?
  220. Sunny Afternoon or Sunshine Superman
  221. Sweet Joni
  222. "Perfect" classic rock singles
  223. The Poppy Family
  224. McCartney and Elton to jam with Beach Boys at Wembley?
  225. Syd Barrett: creative genius or flash in the pan?
  226. Top 10 Songs From 'The Summer Of Love'
  227. Monterey Pop Festival Question
  228. what year did the 60's end?
  229. MIck Jagger's birthday
  230. Jimmy Page age 14--1957 Video
  231. Woodstock '69 - Then and Now
  232. Concert Photos By Fans
  233. Zappa/Mothers Of Invention poll
  234. Woodstock '69 Anniversary Thread
  235. Elvs Presley's death
  236. Glad All Over or Doo Wah Diddy
  237. Jimi Hendrix Vodka hits the market
  238. Syd Barrett items headed for auction block
  239. Syd Barrett VS Brian Jones
  240. Summertime or Hot Fun In The Summertime
  241. Top 200 Songs of the 60s
  242. Who's Going To See Dylan This Year?
  243. Doors boxset due in November
  244. Hot Smoke & Sassafrass - Bubble Puppy
  245. Strawberry Alarm Clock
  246. Syd Barrett's House For Sale
  247. Jeff Beck - TRUTH
  248. Best Album of 1969
  249. Best Album of 1968
  250. Best Album of 1967