View Full Version : Robert Plant CDs to be reissued alone (not as boxset)

That 70s Guy
03-08-2007, 06:54 AM
Rhino Entertainment will release all nine of Robert Plant's solo albums in expanded and re-mastered forms starting on March 20.
Pictures At Eleven, Shaken N Stirred, Manic Nirvana, Fate of Nations and Mighty Rearranger will be released on Tuesday, March 20th. The Principle of Moments, The Honeydrippers, Now & Zen and Dreamland will be released on Tuesday, April 3.
Driven by an insatiable artistic curiosity, Robert Plant has spent his life as a singer and songwriter chasing new sounds, rediscovering ancient ones and bringing them both together to create something original. Throughout his career - first as a member of Led Zeppelin and then as a solo artist for the past 25 years ­ Plant has tapped a multifarious array of inspirations that span the globe and the ages including Celtic and English folk, American blues, early rock 'n' roll, psychedelic rock and jazz as well as Arabic, Moroccan, West African and Indian music. After nine acclaimed solo albums - seven with Atlantic Records - Plant remains a restless spirit destined to a life of musical wanderlust.
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03-08-2007, 09:31 AM
Not much of a technophile, but why would Dreamland and Mighty Rearranger need remastering? Aren't they both fairly recent?

Just wondering. :D

03-08-2007, 10:00 AM
I'm glad about this! I want Pics at Eleven, Principles and Fate of Nations but I didn't want to buy the box set. Thanks for the heads up!

03-14-2007, 10:20 AM
I want to get the box set. It has a bonus DVD with interviews and Robert Plant's videos. I have all of his CDs right now. I'm curious how the remastered versions sound.

I have to agree though- why do Dreamland and Mighty Rearranger need remastering? They're not that old.