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MusicLover7 05-19-2017 03:29 PM

Ian Anderson leads Jethro Tull with Quartet
To borrow the title of one of Jethro Tullís signature songs, it does appear that to a certain extent, Ian Anderson is living in the past. Recent endeavors have found him rebooting the Tull catalog with expanded versions of the bandís early albums, a live solo redo of the classic ďThick As A Brick,Ē and now, a new album descriptively titled ďThe String Quartets,Ē a revisit to a dozen of the bandís signature songs within a classical context.

Andersonís decision to retire the Tull brand notwithstanding, he continues the connection through his solo work, and in so doing, rightfully stakes his claim to the bandís lingering legacy. He was the instantly identifiable frontman of course ó the wild-eyed ruffian in the tattered robe precipitously perched on one leg while madly whirling his flute ó and its that iconic image that readily identifies him with the band while in their prime. Of course, the fact that he penned all of the groupís material gives him an irrefutable link to their honors and accomplishments.

Goldmine recently had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Anderson and found him as witty, articulate and inspired as ever. As the time limit accorded for our conversation began to dwindle, he was sharing his thoughts on overpopulation and immigration, subjects that clearly pique his interest. However, itís his thoughts on Jethro Tull and the music the band embodied that grabbed ours.

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