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Re: What Are You Listening To?

I first heard Wigwam by accident in the late seventies. I foolishly confused them with Kayak, about whom I had read several positive reviews, particularly of Royal Red Bouncer, and inadvertently bought the compilation album, Rumours On the Rebound. It was a blessing in disguise as I loved Wigwam from the first few notes of the first song, Freddie Are You Ready? As a matter of fact, there was not a bad track on the album and it was double vinyl. This led me to listen to as much as was possible by the band, but being Finnish their material was not not easy to find in those days. Pennies had to be saved and journeys made to the West End of London, which wasn't exactly a hardship. But, it wasn't until the proliferation of CDs that Wigwam albums started to appear in nearby record shops; the irony being that their days were numbered . . .

The internet revealed more Wigwam with Youtube clips, the DPRP website and various other sites, and thus I eventually came to Some Several Moons released in 2005. I have only listened to the whole album once, so it is difficult to be objective at this stage and I will reserve judgement until I've heard it a few more times. Admittedly, it did not have the effect of my first hearing of Rumours On the Rebound back in 1979. I am not enamoured with the cover design either, but a number of key personnel are in place, inlcuding English ex-patriate singer/songwriter Jim Pembroke and guitarist Pekka Rchardt.

As for Kayak, I did buy the still much-admired Royal Red Bouncer album many years later and have hardly played it at all.

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