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Hear Graham Nash's Previously Unreleased 'Teach Your Children' Demo

This solo acoustic recording from 1969 will appear on Nash's upcoming anthology 'Over the Years ...'

In August of 1968, Graham Nash retired to his room at the Oulton Grove Motel in Leeds, England, after a Hollies gig, lit up some hash and began writing songs. The Hollies had just started work on an album of Bob Dylan covers, and he was desperate to prove to them they should ditch the idea in favor of original compositions. He'd also recently come across the 1962 Diane Arbus photograph Child With a Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park, which left him horrified. "[The kid in the photo] had a plastic hand grenade clenched in his fist," Nash wrote in his 2013 book Wild Tales: A Rock & Roll Life, "but it seemed to me that if it were real the kid would have thrown it. The consequences of it startled me. I thought, 'If we don't start teaching kids a better way of dealing with each other, humanity will never succeed.'"

The following year, he recorded a demo of the song that has sat in the vault for the past five decades, but is finally coming out on June 29th on Over the Years ..., Nash's new career-spanning anthology. The two-disc set features many of his most enduring tunes ("Military Madness," "Our House," "Wasted on the Way") along with a full disc of demos that have, with a couple of exceptions, never been released.
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