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The song lyric track-jumping game

Pretty simple, this one!

Let's say I start things off with a line from David Bowie's All The Madmen:

"Here I stand, foot in hand, talking to my wall..."

And then...The next person has to post a line from a completely different song altogether! Like so...

"Breaking bottles in the hall, can you help me...?"
(from Pink Floyd's Hey You, of course! )

My only rule of the game is, the follow-up line has to do one of three things:

1) It should rhyme with the previous line...
2) It has to somehow pick up from where the previous line left off...
3) It has to be from a song that's somehow thematically related to the song the previous lyric comes from.

And the line from Hey You fulfills the second and third criteria, because it picks up from All The Madmen, specifically from the word "wall" - the exact preceding word from Hey You - and because both the Bowie and Floyd songs deal with themes of isolation and madness.

So...who wants to pick things up from the Floyd line?
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