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The Movie Lines Anagram Game

So here are the rules. I'll keep this very simple:

When scrambling the movie lines, there is to be no crossing letters between words!

You can re-arrange the words in any order you like once they've been scrambled. This is my sole concession to the ideal of "making things interesting"!

No adding or subtracting any letters.

Always maintain the exact same number of words that there were in the original movie lines.

Always maintain the exact same number of letters within each word when you scramble them.

When you have a quote with two or more sentences, the same scrambled words don't necessarily have to appear in the same sentence.

Your scrambled version doesn't necessarily have to have the same amount of words in each sentence - just so long as the exact same number of words are used overall, and that you establish the exact number of sentences!

True, there any number of other possible ways we could complicate things and make things more fluid and challenging, but I don't want to create a Frankenstein's monster here! I want to keep this as strict and rigid - and thus straightforward and accessible - as I possibly can.

Okay? :)

So I'll give an example of a line we could possibly use. Take the classic "Here's looking at you, kid" spoken by Humphrey Bogart in the 1942 classic Casablanca.

And here's one possible way to scramble it!

"Ta glinoko er'she dik, uyo."

(And please note that I kept a period at the end, and made use of the apostrophe in "here's" / "er'she"!)

So now that you've got some idea how the game is played, I'll unleash the opening salvo! Here goes nothing...

"Dulow reev eht nylo yub ti nespor how twih dulco eth ruckes dreba sith het nug eb thiw ot sims!"

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