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DEEP PURPLE – New Album “Coming Out In February”, Says IAN GILLAN

In a new interview with Antihero Magazine, vocalist Ian Gillan says “I heard it’s coming in February” when asked when the new Deep Purple album is due out.

When asked if there was a difference writing music for Deep Purple of for himself, Gillan responded, “Yes, absolutely. Deep Purple was different than any other kind of writing I do with other people. Deep Purple is primarily an instrumental band. Primarily an instrumental band and the routine is, we book a running finish in 10 days, generally in a studio somewhere and the guys come in at noon. They start jamming and they work till 6 o’clock, take a break at 3 for a cup of tea and then do that every day.”

Rare documentary footage from Deep Purple’s 1987 The House Of Blue Light tour is streaming below.
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