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Re: Yoko Ono vs.Heather Mills

Originally Posted by ozbeat View Post
The Beatles were coming to and end...Yoko or not. Although i dont especially like her.....i dont detest her either. I just wish she would have stayed off John's records.
Good point. I think that the perception of Yoko gets a little skewed because she came along as the Beatles were falling apart. It looked like she came in and performed a spell on John and drove him away from our beloved band. Actually, John wanted like all hell to do something different and meeting Yoko fueled that fire. He had to know that having her sitting in a bed in the studio during a Beatles recording session would make the other forking nuts - and it did. John forced the situation to the breaking point. Yoko didn't - HE did. And he wanted her on the records with him. For some reason the fact that we fans wanted to hear him, and not her, didn't make much of an impression on John. I can't imagine why
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