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Re: Rock 'N' Roll Anagrams (artist / song)

[*AHEM!*] Personally, I think it's kind of sad that we're all perfectly willing to go round and round and round the alphabet over and over and OVER again - ad infinitum, ad nauseum - on all these other Band Name/Song Title threads. (And in case you haven't noticed, some of these game threads are absolutely identical to each other in everything but the title! For example, A Band Game and Barrel of Monkeys...) And in the meantime, I come up with something that's a little more challenging and different, and it's mysteriously allowed to languish. Y'know, if I didn't keep bumping this thing, it would probably get buried on Page 3 or something!

Look, I'm not saying I'm the smartest or most clever guy on the planet or anything. Far from it! Yeah, sure, I get a little full of myself sometimes. (But then again, don't we all?) It's just that I'm getting a tad bored with business as usual. Hey, I'm more than willing to chip in and join in on the action, but I would kind of like to get a little bit more participation in these other things I come up with from time to time...

Hey, CrazyConnie! Care to help me out a little here...?

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