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Re: Rock 'N' Roll Anagrams (artist / song)

Originally Posted by Darth Pazuzu View Post

Anyway, once more... with feeling...

Vu'eyo Tog Therona Ghint Ni'moc - Jasud Trisep
You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest

I guess you need to spell out the rules more. For instance, should we use non-words vs. a minimum of non-words? Yours above looks like Welsh, not English.

Can the word/letter mixups cross outside individual words? Mine does, yours don't.

Can they cross outside band and song title? Mine and yours don't.

Once you define those rules, and the amount of flexibility if any in using other letters to form words, then I can post the next puzzle.

One way you could allow other letters is to, say, require that substituted letters be capitalized, and all other letters lowercase. That way we could use more (funnier) words.

if it's just word jumble by word, then I'm probably not interested in playing.
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