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Re: Rock 'N' Roll Anagrams (artist / song)

Originally Posted by Darth Pazuzu View Post
Mark my words...I won't let this one fade away.
And I feel it's my duty to remind you once again!

Seriously, folks. How many times can we go round and round and round the alphabet over and over and OVER again repeatedly? Those Band Name/Song Title threads are starting to really get repetitive...

I'm just trying to spice things up around here, you know. Anagrams aren't exactly rocket science. It's not that hard. It just requires a little extra thought. But perhaps that's regarded as an unfair imposition in this day and age. Maybe it's true, after all... Our technology is getting smarter than us.

Soooooooooo... You might as well surrender and give yourself over to inevitable participation, because otherwise I'll simply end up annoying you.

Anyway, once more... with feeling...

Vu'eyo Tog Therona Ghint Ni'moc - Jasud Trisep
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