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MusicLover7 07-02-2019 01:08 PM

U2 Fans Discover Oldest-Known Live Recording of Band
This August 11th, 1979 show at Dublinís Dandelion Market was taped by a guitarist in the bandís opening act and sat unnoticed for decades

When U2 played an afternoon show at Dublinís Dandelion Market on August 11th, 1979, they were just four teenagers in a struggling band. They had never played outside their native Ireland or released so much as an EP to the public. But after three years of work, they had enough of a following to headline this tiny venue above another local band, The Stougers, whose guitarist Pete McCluskey brought a recorder to the show and captured U2ís set on tape.

The tape sat half-forgotten in his collection for decades, but with help from the definitive U2 fan site ATU2, itís finally been resurrected. As far as anyone knows, it is the earliest known U2 recording in existence. Prior to this, the earliest U2 show in circulation was their set at the Cork Opera House on October 22nd, 1979. ďI am pleased that I recorded the show,Ē McCluskey told ATU2, ďand hadnít realized the significance of it and its place in history until quite recently.Ē

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