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The Doors History and Times

Hello Everyone,
I am a Doors fan and Rock Music fan in general. I have an idea for the Lounge. I will be reviewing the first six Doors albums (the ones with Jim Morrison). My idea is to put the albums in context to what is happening in the news at the time in America and the world. This will help us “go back in time” to those days. I was born in 1963 but over the years have fallen in love with what the Doors brought musically to the Rock Music scene. I will be going in chronological order with the album reviews. I have been listening to The Doors catalog of these first six albums this past week to prepare and also researching news of the times. My starting point will be some history of how The Doors were formed that lead up to January 4, 1967 when the first Doors album titled The Doors was released. I am going to do my research but I am by no means an expert on The Doors—-yet. Feel free to comment about your thoughts and memories as we discuss this music. Please let’s do it in a kind and respectful manner. I will be spending a week on each album for discussion. So this will take six weeks. If it goes well I will move on to another band for discussion. This should be a fun journey. Join me.
I will begin this journey later today.
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