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Exclamation Re: WOWW Radio!

"Yip, yip, yip, arrrroooowwww! This is your madman of rock, Doctor Foxhound, coming to you on WOWW Radio with another great show for you today on girl groups!

But first a word from our sponsor:

Yes, that men of distinktion description certainly fits us here at WOWW to a T!

Here now are the hits:

That's if for tonight! Tune in again tomorrow."

"Oh good! Here's the delivery from Pascal's for which Roscoe and I have been waiting to tide us over until breakfast, a few dozen Oysters Bienville:

Pascal's Manale Restaurant on Napoleon Avenue Uptown is my go-to location for fancy oyster dishes!"

The top rock 'n roll animal on this side of the tracks!

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