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Re: Progressive Rock...?

Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post
Here then is another list of bands from the late sixties all of whom I regarded as progressive rock bands at the time:

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Bee Gees
Buffalo Springfield
Ten Years After

I was surprised to learn early this century (from this board actually) that the "progressive rock" term had morphed into "prog" and had been co-opted by prog enthusiasts as a reference to only the art rock bands of the 1970's.

How though would you yourself categorize the bands above?

Again no one I hung with called those bands prog rock...I think Hendrix (proto prog) , Traffic (crossover) , and Santana (crossover) did some proggy tunes at times and are crossover though they get tagged differently by others at PA....The Doors, proto prog, had a unique sound but not full blown prog ? TYA...did some interesting things later on in their career...but again prog?.. name a track for me.
Chicago...great band ,jazz fusion in my book, saw them in '69 when they were called CTA. Maybe progressive in their longer suites. But broken down into songs..not all that 'proggy' to me.
Bee Gees and Buffalo Springfield are not prog in my book nor in most proggers book,,,you are the only person I have ever heard say that ...again this gets subjective and we have had this argument countless times on PA. Big fan of Springfield btw.
It comes down to personal feelings in the end. Many bands in those days were doing different things with their music but imho that 'don't make it' prog rock.
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