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Re: Progressive Rock...?

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
So,,anyone want to comment on the so-called Big Six of Progressive Rock:
King Crimson
Jethro Tull
Pink Floyd

Thoughts on the list and the 'big six' term...?
King Crimson - iconic prog, deserve all the progressive praise they get. Have taken some hard turns along the way but always seem to land on their feet. "Larks' Tongues in Aspic" one of my top ten albums.

Yes. A progressive band that mostly stayed true to their progressive calling. Seemed to have to deal more with internal issues more than musical. There were a couple of things by them I have problems with (I couldn't and still can't stand "Tales from Topographic Oceans. IMO that one does suck). "Close to the Edge" may be the best progressive album ever made.

Genesis, I loved this band right up to "Foxtrot', then take them or leave 'em. For me their hands down best was "Nursery Cryme'.

ELP. They were who they were because of Keith Emerson. Their best album was "Tarkus".

Jethro Tull, one of two progressive bands (from the list) that consistently produced above average albums. My favorite "Benefit".

Pink Floyd, the other band that always seem to produce above average albums. The debate is whether or not they are prog. Many call them 'Psychedelic'. They are progressive enough for me. Best outing imo "Meddle".

Others which deserve mentioning at some time:
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Frank Zappa
The Flower Kings
David Sancious and Tone
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