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Re: Back to an Even Bigger Garden: Massive Woodstock Box Set Planned for August

Woodstock Remembered: Bob Weir on Why the Fest Mattered to the Grateful Dead

“The significance for me was that the new music that was evolving during the previous years had come of age there,” founding member of Grateful Dead says

Everybody kept saying it was gonna be huge, but I don’t think anybody really believed that. To the Grateful Dead, it sounded a bit like pressure. You know, “You gotta play well ’cause your career is gonna be made or broken by it.” We also expected a gigantic party, which it certainly was.

Once I got there, I camped out in a tent about half a mile from the stage. I sort of drifted around. It was pretty filthy. It was muddy. And there wasn’t enough food or facilities. If it had gone on for a month, it would have looked like a summer version of Valley Forge. On the other hand, everybody was pretty much into it. As long as they were there, they were gonna make the most of it.
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