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Roger McGuinn Shoots Down David Crosby’s Byrds Reunion Idea (Again)

“David Crosby is not hated,” McGuinn’s rep said in a statement. “But that doesn’t mean anyone wants to work with him”

David Crosby urged his former Byrds bandmate Roger McGuinn to reunite the group over the weekend, asking the singer on Twitter, “Want to do a couple of Byrds dates? I’ll just sing harmony. No talking?”

McGuinn didn’t respond to the tweet, but a representative did when reached for a comment. “Neither Roger or Chris entertain the idea of a Byrds reunion,” McGuinn’s rep wrote. “Roger was just tired of David crying about being hated. DC is not hated but that doesn’t mean anyone wants to work with him.”

Crosby’s initial query came in response to a tweet from McGuinn complaining that Crosby unfairly lumped him in with Neil Young, Stephen Stills and Graham Nash as former bandmates that “won’t even talk to me” and “hate my guts” in his new documentary David Crosby: Remember My Name. “You’re saying I won’t talk to you and hate you,” McGuinn wrote. “That’s just not true!”
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