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Exclamation Re: WOWW Radio!

"Yip, yip, yip, arrrrooowwwww! This is Lord Foxhound here on WOWW where we play the hits!

I've put together another great show today devoted to one of the greatest bands of all time, the Doors! But first a word from our sponsor.

Tired of onlookers laughing at your pathetic bubbles? Want to make a bigger bang? Well then switch to Dubble Bubble!

With Dubble Bubble even a miserable feline like Hepcat here can manage to blow awe inspiring bubbles:

You'll be the center of attention and draw admiring glances anywhere, church, office, court room, wherever, when you blow big ones with Dubble Bubble!

And now here are today's hits!

That's it for today! tune in again tomorrow for the very best in rock entertainment to help get you through these troubled times."

The top rock 'n roll animal on this side of the tracks!

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