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Exclamation Re: Progressive Rock...?

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
Thanks for the reply Foxhound,
So then the other original site simply didn't care that I tried to join...?
I even mailed them...and my user name came up but it said I could not post.
Certainly seems that way, but keep in mind that I don't/can't speak for them.

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
As to prog rock...I mean any and everything that could be considered prog rock: classic stuff like King Crimson, Yes, and Genesis...all the way to newer bands like Porcupine Tree, Opeth, Wobbler....etc.
I currently use the genres used by Progressive Rock Archives on line.
They tend to be pretty inclusive and even have many sub genres like Symphonic all the way to Prog related and Crossover prog.
I'm open minded about all of this but I tend to stick with the older bands from about '69 to '80 when I name them...though the 'experts' on Prog Archives have included many bands.
Ahhhh, but the real dividing line between an inclusive definition of prog and an exclusive definition of prog is whether you would include these bands that originated in the 1960's within the prog genre:

Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers
Lovin' Spoonful
Buffalo Springfield
Deep Purple
The Who
Ten Years After
Jefferson Airplane
Bee Gees
Grateful Dead
Jeff Beck Group
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Spencer Davis Group
(Peter Green's) Fleetwood Mac
Jimi Hendrix Experience
Butterfield Blues Band
Electric Prunes
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Big Brother & the Holding Company

Include them and your using the inclusive progressive rock definition. Exclude them and you subscribe to a narrow definition of prog.

Originally Posted by dr wu View Post
Is this the prog thread....? Or is there an actual dedicated thread?
Hepcat's thread would indeed be a viable candidate for the honour. But there have been dozens of threads dealing with progressive rock/prog over the years:

Whatever thread within you choose to post about prog can now de facto become the "official" prog thread including this one right here!

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