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Exclamation Re: WOWW Radio!

"Yip, yip, yip, arrrrooooowwwww!!! This is your rave fave Professor Foxhound coming to you live and off colour on WOWW Radio! And I've got a great show dedicated to some of the very best in glam rock today but first a word from our sponsor.

Fellows, are you tired of being such a pathetic little putz that even old Chinese women born during the Manchu dynasty kick sand in your face? Well I Foxhound can change all that. In just seven days I can make even you into a man. For my FREE step-by-step guide to almost instantly add pounds of vascular striated rippling muscles to your puny frame just send $349.95 to cover the cost of shipping and handling to:

Professor Foxhound
c/o WOWW Radio
New Orléans, Louisiana

Yes, and then free of charge I will send you my proprietary bodybuilding program, the very same one Frank Zane here used to win the coveted Mr. Olympia title three years in a row!

So don't wait until you go blind from all that sand being kicked into your eyes. Send in your $349.95 shipping and handling fee today for my FREE course!

And now let's get out the spider black mascara, eye glitter, metallic nail polish, leopard prints and platform heels and get ready to rock!

So we're signing off for tonight, but we'll be back tomorrow. Be sure to tune in again then!"

"There, they should be ready now! Earlier today I got The MAN's old aunt to cook up a mess of cabbage rolls just the way she learned to make them from her mother in the old country:

I just warmed up a couple dozen which should be just about enough to tide old Roscoe and me over until tomorrow."

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