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Re: Back to an Even Bigger Garden: Massive Woodstock Box Set Planned for August

Woodstock Remembered: Robbie Robertson on Feeling ‘Proud’ to Be Part of the Legendary Fest

The Band thought the whole idea of the Woodstock festival was exciting because of what it stood for. The promoters were telling everybody that it was a show of hands for people who felt a certain way about our generation and the war in Vietnam. It was being called a festival of peace and love and music. It was being touted in this kind of way, which was very nice.

But when we flew in and saw the mass of people sitting on the side of the hill, it was a frightful sight. It was like an army. There were two ways to look at this thing. There was the serious political side, which was kind of beautiful in that everybody wanted to join together like this; it was a very warm feeling. And then there was the other side, which was kind of frightening — this ripped army of mud people out there. People were saying, “Isn’t this beautiful?” And it was beautiful. But it was also very swampy.
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