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Re: Progressive Rock...?

Tull, Floyd, KC, and ELP are on the big 6 list ...again this is a list that has been bandied about by prog rock people for some time now. As I said before the 'big 6' is subjective and so are who is considered prog rock at all.
Jethro Tull- Progressive folk rock
ELP-Symphonic prog
King Crimson- Eclectic prog
Pink Floyd-Psychedelic space rock
Roxy Music- Crossover prog
Spirit-Proto prog
Spooky Tooth-Proto prog
Supertramp-Crossover prog
Vanilla Fudge -Proto prog
Nice-Symphonic prog
Moody Blues- Crossover prog

Of course this is once again subjective and people argue about the categories and placement all the time even at PA,
Personally I have never really considered Supertramp, Fudge, Spooky Tooth, Spirit, or Roxy to be especially proggy. Though they all have proggy moments on various songs on various albums. This is where the subjectivity comes in. Even Tull...except for TAAB and Passion Play are not especially proggy on many of their lp's. They have always been a mix of rock ,blues, folk least for me. Even Ian Anderson has said many times he doesn't think they are a prog band and that TAAB was done as sort of an inside joke in response to people wanting to label them 'progressive rock' at that time.
I like all of the bands on your list...though I have always thought of Supertramp as 'prog lite' least favorite on the list.
Had to edit...apparently Foxhound had to change his mind and add another band....The Moody Blues.
One of my all time favorites...though many consider them crossover I would put them in Symphonic . say 'narrowly defined' as if it's a bad thing. I don't feel that way since most of the bands that are on the edge of prog would probably say themselves thev are not prog bands in the regular way. As you said once I think many of these bands were just trying to extend the borders ..jam out a little..and not trying to be prog per se.

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