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Re: Progressive Rock...?

Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post
Remember though that I differentiate between the terms "progressive rock" and "prog" , with progressive rock being any kind of rock that aspires to more than being a commercially successful top forty single. (Not that I'm deriding top forty singles either.) Prog I equate with the art rockers from the group of six you mentioned.

Much/most of the material on Stonedhenge including this favourite of mine:

Well.... that is straight ahead blues rock with a bit of boogie/shuffle in it. btw, I own that and all of the TYA lp's up to Watt.
And my friend Bill,,,who is a huge blues rock fan especially the early Brits, just laughed when I told him a guy on a forum said it was prog.

btw...'prog' is just a shortened version of the term 'progressive rock'...always has been and never meant anything least I have never seen it used in the way you are saying.
ps: If you are looking for a 'proggy' TYA lp you are looking for Cricklewood Green which imho is the proggiest thing they ever did though there are some similar ideas on Space In Time and Watt.

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