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Re: Progressive Rock...?

Originally Posted by Foxhound View Post
"Always" is a long time. Like I say, I very clearly remember a popular DJ in southwestern Ontario using the term "progressive rock" to refer to the album oriented rock that had developed by 1968-69 before the art rock bands of the 1970's existed.

If however you insist on giving me credit (which I don't think I deserve) for coining the term "progressive rock", you must therefore logically accept my broadly encompassing meaning for the term as well.

Well then read this post from the other thread:

See?! Other posters remember the same.

That is of course why the term "progressive rock" morphed into "prog" with a much more limited meaning. With the continued explosion of album-oriented rock in the early 1970's, the term "progressive rock" became too all encompassing.

Well..of course you didn't coin the term 'progressive rock'....what ever gave you that idea?
Again it's subjective. Many others disagree with the good reverend, and with many of my ideas about music in general and in the prog area. There are no hard and fast rules or genres and they often bleed into each other since many bands and styles contain multiple influences.

ps: Ontario..? What did anyone in Canada ever know about true prog rock?
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