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Exclamation Re: Zeppboy's Format Poll

Originally Posted by Dude111 View Post
I wonder if thats because tape is better than the material records are made out of?
No, it had nothing to do with material. It was all about technology.

You see it's quite easy to have four discrete channels which can be read separately on a tape. This was as true of cassettes as it was of 8-track, but Phillips refused to pay the price to licence Quad technology for cassettes so that Quad was only available on 8-tracks.

But when it comes to vinyl, there's only one stylus riding in a single groove. The technology for getting perfect stereo reproduction from the vibrations carried by a single stylus is ingenious. (Read about it here.) But the technology for getting even decent Quadrophonic reproduction from the vibrations carried by a single stylus proved impossible. Three competing and non-compatible systems were marketed to decode a stylus' vibrations into Quad sound - QS, SQ and CD-4. CD-4 was the "best", but even that wasn't very good. As a result, few music lovers were enticed to put up the money for a home Quad system and the format died.

But for the car 8-tracks could deliver very decent Quad sound.

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