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Exclamation Re: Fifty years? What's fifty years to the Rolling Stones?

Well sort of. Their first concert with the classic lineup of Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts didn't take place until January 1963:

Originally Posted by Ultimate Classic Rock
Even though the Rolling Stones publicly celebrated a 50th anniversary in 2012, guitarist Keith Richards says the band members themselves count January 1963 as the real beginning. That's the month Charlie Watts officially joined.

A mainstay ever since, Watts became one of the best-known drummers in rock music history. Ironically, though, his background was primarily in jazz before a chance meeting with British blues pioneer Alexis Korner. Watts was working as a graphic designer for an ad company when he accepted Korner's offer to play with Blues Incorporated, a London-based group that had also featured occasional appearances from an aspiring young singer named Mick Jagger. Watts met Jagger and the other members of the fledgling Rolling Stones in mid-1962, and completed their lineup by joining on Jan. 9, 1963.

Watts played his first gig with the Stones a few days later on Jan. 12, 1963, at the Ealing Blues Club in a six-piece lineup that included pianist Ian Stewart.
The Day Charlie Watts Joined - Ultimate Classic Rock

Getting Charlie Watts to join was a real coup for the Stones at the time since he already was a well regarded professional drummer while they were just a bunch of aspiring young blues rock musicians like so many others in the U.K. in early 1963.

Hopefully the Stones release the LP on which they've been working for more than a decade some time within the next eighteen months and play a few concerts in 2023 to celebrate their sixtieth anniversary.

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