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Re: Downloading = stealing?

Originally Posted by tacobender44 View Post
what about buying used music in general? i know plenty of people on here who buy cd's from amazon used or from used music stores, the artists aren't getting money anyway and its just going to go on to be ripped to the buyer's computer for the most part, whats the difference?
I recall a few years ago, in the early 90s I believe, the record labels came down hard on used CD retailers. They tried to impose a royalty fee on used CDs, even going so far as to threaten record stores who carried new and used CDs by manipulating their supply of new product or something like that (I could be wrong about that, but it got nasty. BlueMeanie may have the inside scoop on this).

The labels proposed a similar tactic in the 70s or 80s by demanding royalties on blank cassettes. Once again, they assumed everyone was buying cassettes specifically to record their music.

As for the proposed used CDs royalty, there was a major outcry from the retailers, and labels were heavily ridiculed for their greedy and avarice ways.

For one, they would be collecting double royalties on a single disc -- once for when it originally was sold as "new" and twice for when it was resold as "used."

Secondly, someone pointed out that if the record labels got a fee for resales of used goods, then what would stop other companies from demanding the same when their products were resold. It would be like Ford demanding a fee if you sold your used Mustang.

It's escapades like this that have stoked the flames of anger and resentment toward the record labels. As far as I'm concerned, they brought this all on themselves. And then they scratch their heads and can't figure out why the hell people are illegally downloading. A simple case of what goes around comes around.
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